Beechwood Advisory Group

Business Improvement Strategy Services

Beechwood Advisory Group Inc. can provide Business Planning, Business Strategy Development, and Enabling Systems Strategy/ Planning/ Facilitation services. As an independent outside firm that does not do large system implementation and is not tied with any vendor or systems implementer, BAGI provides  an unbiased perspective to determine a system or strategic solution consistent with the client’s needs.

Our Business Strategy Services can include:

  • Business Strategy
    • Business Planning
    • Strategic Leadership
    • Business & Market Strategies
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Human Performance Management
  • Information Technology Strategy and Systems Planning
    • IT Strategy, Organization and Process
    • IT Architecture and Systems Rationalization
    • Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Process Strategy
    • Finance
    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Procurement
    • Sales & Marketing
  • Organization (Design) Strategy
  • Enterprise Diagnostic Services (Our Business Health Check Tool Review)
  • Executive Alignment and Facilitation

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