Beechwood Advisory Group


Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. through its network can provide subject matter experts and/or project augmentation services.  This can be extremely valuable for industries where seasonality or new projects result in the lack of internal resources that can lead to loss of revenue or market advantage. Instead, BAGI resources can provide the knowledge and assistance to augment the client project team or teams in getting the job done without the usual hiring/ firing cycle that can occur.

Additionally, the BAGI resources can be used as flexible resources for use in different departments within a client to help both on project work as well as resource balancing as needed.

Another area of extreme value is when a new internal venture is being proposed, BAGI resources can be utilized to provide the short to medium term resources until the new venture is vetted and more permanent resources can be added. This prevents the all too prevalent problems of not proceeding with the venture since resources are not available, or having to hire at a cost disadvantage to enable and verify the venture, and then if unsuccessful, having to re-assign or worse, terminate the newly hired all at significant costs.

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