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Communications & Electronics

For the Communications and Electronics Industries, BAGI can provide specialized services that can help clients and their suppliers in innovative ways. This can result in higher revenue potential and reduced costs. The Communications and Electronics Industry due to its fluid nature and cyclical/ seasonal patterns must be able to quickly adjust and BAGI through its resource pool can help support these adjustments in a cost effective manner.

The following are a selection of the industry specific areas where Beechwood Advisory Group, Inc. can help our clients either directly or in conjunction with their clients or suppliers:

  • New Product Development
  • Customized Value Proposition for Components (Sales or Negotiations)
  • Intellectual Property Analysis
  • Support of Transfer & Product Improvement from Foreign to North American Manufacture
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Common Platform Design Support
  • Jumpstart New and Disruptive Design Approaches
  • Hardware Application Adjunct Device Determination
  • Electronic System Problem Solving
  • Support of Design Enhancements for Robotic Manufacturing
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Analytics

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